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Last year I fought an AW case in Sonoma County and won. They tried to get a felony conviction for an off list lower with a bullet button (ten round mag inserted, had to show the officers how to remove it) and other charges for having high cap mags in the vehicle.

I know for a fact that the D.A. and the Sonoma S.O. are familiar with bullet buttons and AW identification because I taught them. It cost me about 7 thousand dollars out of pocket but I won and they dropped all charges. They also returned all of my property.

That S.O. has a guy named Eric Gelhouse (sp?) that was listed as their "Firearms Expert". He looked at my rifle and called it an unregistered AW. That was what started my nightmare. I provided my lawyer and the D.A. with a copy of the DOJ AW ID guide. I had pages relating to my rifle and magazines tabbed, and sentences highlighted. I also provided them with a copy of the Sacramento P.D. training bulletin about AW's and bullet buttons.

Then, right there in front of the judge, in a moment I will never forget as long as I live, the DA stood there and said "Yeah so he had one of those button things on the gun but that doesn't matter he had high cap mags in the vehicle and they would have been easy to load".

That's when they offered me a deal of 1 year probation, no jail time, and they keep the rifle and my Kimber 1911. I said no deal let's please just hurry up and go to trial, then they dropped the charges completely and returned my property.

The point is that I know this particular county SO and DA know about off list lowers, high cap mags and bullet buttons.

I would be happy to do whatever I can to help with this case by testifying and or providing the CGF with any information from my case that might be helpful.

Marc Soulie
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