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Originally Posted by ptoguy2002 View Post
It is not my intent to be the forum A-hole or er.
Like I said, I appreciate people posting build pics. The galil re-weld thread was awesome.
Enough other people who are more knowledgeable on the subject than me (or you) think it is an issue best not brought up, and enough so that it is a taboo subject on other boards.
I spoke in person with the K-var guy, forget his name, at the SAR show a few years ago about it when they were selling krink kits, and he certainly seemed very, very concerned about it.
So you suggest we run and hide with our hobbies under a rock and hope we dont get spotted? I think the problem is people need balls and stare the problem face to face, go to court, get votes, and be more direct and proactive.
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