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Originally Posted by tomd1584 View Post
why did you pin in to the barrel? was the barrel less than 16"? If it was just for OAL, it doesn't need to be permanently attached.
yeah according to the manufacturer its 15.75 inches long. and the over all length is way to short so really I pinned it for barrel length. it also helped to have a 3 plus inch long "flash suppressor" on there to get it over 30 inches overall.

When I called Noveske the lady that worked there said it would be good on a featureless build, so long as the barrel length is 16 inches. When I got the invoice I noticed specifically that it was a flash suppressor. So I guess its my fault I took advise from a woman! Really man she made it sound like "oh yeah its totally legal for a featurless build". I even triple asked her I live in Crackerfornia?? wtf I''m pissed, just blew 130 bucks and can't run my 30 rounder prebans because technically I have a "deadly" feature on the rifle!

Thanks for the info guys! I was suspecting it!
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