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Sorry if this gets posted to multiple threads but I was asked to do this by Sally from Grant County S.O. in Oregon.

If you want to turn in your Concealed Handgun License (CHL aka CCW) for OR to Grant County Sheriff's Office you MUST do it on Wednesday ONLY.
Sheriff Glen Palmer's department has been hit hard by people wanting out of state CCW and he only has 1 person working on them. (They are a very small department). She is getting about 100 permit request each month to work on so she can only do it on Wednesday. She was very kind but asked that I and others would please get the message out that it will only be accepted on Wednesday.
She also informed me the only other county she knew of that was approving out of state CHL (CCW) request was Umatilla County and they require you to send in a letter of request/intent for approval before you submit your application. This letter process took 3 months.

Again this is being posted in multiple threads per a request. If you have any questions regarding Grant County's CHL feel free to call Grant County OR at (541) 575-1131
Keep in mind If you get stopped by a game warden or other LEO and you say "well so and so on CalGuns said that this was ok and legal" That warden or LEO is gonna laugh at you and cite you.
Advice here is mostly good advice but its best to familiarize yourself with the laws & if needed contact DFW. or local Law Enforcement

Always confirm it for yourself. Ignorance is no excuse.

Contact the Governor now

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