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Originally Posted by fractionalflyer View Post
ACR is crappy?

I've never gotten mine to fail. The SCAR on the other hand has failed at my hands a number of times.

first off, that chick in rooks sig line is a pro fighter? Id be honored to be kicked in the balls by her. Twice. Maybe choked too. Truly amazing stuff.

Back on topic:
there's a school of thought out there that belives that the SCAR is better than the ACR cause it shows up in an army tv commercial. ANd the ACR is no-good because... well, I don;t know where that idea comes from, but its out there. NOW... this is the truth... ANY dude badmouthing the ACR will honestly tell you- he "heard" this from someone- online, a "buddy" No real first hand knowledge.

NOw. Johnnyrooks there, shows his SCAR and my ACR side by side- yes, they're touching- with no sparks or conflagration between them. And both guns were shot that day until the oil in the guns smoked out and left the barrels a light grey color. They got abused bad. Both guns were run with Wolf, commercial .223, and surp 5.56. With old mags, new mags, metal and plastic mags. Rapid fire magazine dumps. Lots of money on the ground that night. Fact is, they both work perfectly. So from this I can make only 1 logical conclusion:

My ACR rules! (johnnyrooks thinks so too...shhh... his SCAR is listening...)

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