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Hey Mike,

Can you quote or PM/email me pricing for the following:
(CA compliant of course, so please include Bullet buttons, fixed stock options, extended muzzle device, etc in price shipped to a local dealer; ie: riflegear in orange county; I'm also assuming tax is not included in price, unless you want to quote me after tax)

FNH Scar 17S FDE
(also if you sell the PWS rail extension, or FNH rail extension for the SCAR, that would be awesome)
Bushmaster ACR enhanced config - Black
Mossberg 930 SPX 8 shot (non pistol grip version)
EOtech EXPS3-0 Tan and G23.FTS tan

If you don't have any of the listed above, can you also get them in and can I pre-order them? Also in terms of a pre-order, if you do offer that service, how does that work?

Lastly, do you guys offer any military/LE discounts?

I know it's a lot of quotes and questions, so thanks in advance!

BTW, I love the zombie ad!

- Danny -

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