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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
Merced has removed their illegal "moratorium", according to their county counsel's office. However, they have other unlawful policies which are still in place. We're working on those now.

You can and should attempt to apply, and document your experience as it helps to have as many potential plaintiffs with standing as possible.
Emphasis added above to answer question below. Also, unicityd, see the link in the first page of this thread for a layout of the application process. Accepted/known Good Cause statements have not been published by CalGuns Foundation(CGF) and I can't speak into whether or not CGF has received the PRAR information from the County, yet. It wasn't all that long ago that Pazin lifted the outright moratorium on even accepting applications for processing.
Originally Posted by unicityd View Post
I'm interested in applying for my CCW permit in Merced as well. Has there been any feedback on what is required for a successful good cause statement? I've read that protection of self and family is not generally sufficient. Is that true?
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