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I went to Carrizo Plains (BLM west of bakersfield, north on Soda Lake rd.) yesterday and found another great spot out there to shoot. I took a dirt road on the east side of the canyon this time and made it back in there in my BMW with no problems.

Unfortunately, I was approached by a gentleman, and I believe his son, who have cattle grazing out there. He very respectfully asked me not to shoot any of his water containers that the cattle drink from. At first, I was a bit insulted until he explained that some hunters shot the heck out of his water containers the day before and he had been repairing alot of holes. I explained that I would never do that nor do I condone that behavior. It's the jerks that destroy property that give us responsible shooters a bad name. It's also the same jerks that get shooting/hunting prohibitted on public lands.

The rancher was extremely polite and I reassured him that my buddy and I had no intention of damaging any property.

All in all, we had a great shoot in a great spot and left it as clean as we found it. There was no previous trash to pick up so it was clean when we got there.
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