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Originally Posted by ipalmer View Post
I went out and bought a new M&P 45 yesterday, was out looking for a Glock 21 which was no where to be found and ended up having someone talk me into the M&P. Since then Ive been reading up on them and I like what Im hearing and am very excited to shoot it.

Today I mentioned to a friend of mine that I picked up an M&P and he started telling me how I need to use premium ammo only, how they need to be cleaned quite often and are prone to problems. This is all the exact opposite of what Ive been reading on here. From what others here are saying you can run 1000 rounds of ****ty ammo (if you choose) without cleaning and it will shoot without any problems. Am I missing something in my research or does my friend just not know what he is talking about (wouldnt be the first time.)
I would say the latter is true... I have an M&P .45 and have shot a few hundred reloads and various factory ammo - not one problem. I clean all my guns after every shoot so I can't comment for certain on the "clean quite often" assertion - but I find it hard to believe it is any more problematic than any other pistol and would bet that it can go many hundreds (or thousands?) without a hiccup.
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