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He doesn't know what he is talking about...

An extreme example here:
Test #1: Without any cleaning or lubrication, shoot five 5-round groups at 25yd from the bench for accuracy. Almost 9,500 rounds had been through the gun since the last cleaning.

I'm going to perform the 2,000 round challenge on my FS9 and detail the results (may take awhile), I was about 600 rounds in when I cleaned it without thinking last time.

There's a few M&P's that completed it already.

Originally Posted by ToddG View Post
* Shooter must use a single pistol (distinct brand, model, caliber, serial number) for the entire 2,000 rounds. Pistol should be properly cleaned and lubricated before the test begins. Any brand pistol, stock or modified (please list all modifications), any caliber.
* Shooter can take as long as necessary (days, weeks, months) to fire 2,000 rounds through the pistol.
* The pistol cannot be cleaned, lubricated, or maintained in any way during the entire 2,000 round test period.
* Shooter can use any type of ammunition: factory, remanufactured, or hand loaded. Shooter can use as many different brands, styles, bullet weights, etc. as necessary as long as all ammunition meets the SAAMI specifications for the caliber of the gun.
* Shooter must report ALL stoppages, malfunctions, and/or parts breakages that occur during the 2,000 round test regardless of cause. This includes any such problems that are deemed "shooter-induced" or "ammunition-induced."
* If a stoppage, malfunction, or breakage may be ammunition-induced, the shooter can follow this procedure (but must still report the actual results with the original test pistol): if the round still has a bullet, powder, and undetonated primer the shooter can attempt to fire the round in a freshly lubricated and cleaned pistol of different brand than the test gun. If the round fails to fire in this second pistol which is clean, lubricated, and not of the same brand, then although the original stoppage or malfunction must be reported it will not count against achieving the "2,000 Round Challenge" success criteria.
Stoppage: Any failure of the pistol to go through its entire cycle of operation. This could include a failure to feed, fire, extract, or eject. A problem qualifies as a Stoppage if and only if the shooter is capable of fixing the problem without the use of any tools, without disassembling the gun in any way (magazine can be removed), and the pistol is in firing condition in less than 30 seconds. For example, a stovepipe or failure of the slide to go fully into battery would be Stoppages. Added 21-Jan-08: Failure to lock back after the last round in a magazine is fired, even if the shooter believes it was caused by an improper grip, is considered a stoppage.
Malfunction: Any failure of the pistol to go through its entire cycle of operation and which requires the use of tools, disassembly of any part of the pistol, and/or takes more than 30 seconds to resolve, but does not require any parts replacement. For example, a dislodged spring or a front sight that falls off the gun would be Malfunctions.
Breakage: Any failure of the pistol to go through its entire cycle of operation and which requires parts replacement (springs, pins, locking block, anything) to resolve. For example, a broken spring or chipped extractor would be Breakages.
A pistol must fire 2,000 consecutive rounds without any cleaning or maintenance or additional lubrication without any stoppages, malfunctions or breakages to qualify as having met the "2,000 Round Challenge."
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