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Originally Posted by Dreaded Claymore View Post
Folks, when you are in the market for a gun, I am 99.5% certain that you always prefer to choose it yourself.

A family friend of ours is a 22-year-old gal who has lost both of her parents already. She's part friend, part daughter, so when she told me that she wanted a handgun, I figured it was best for her to decide what she wanted.

We talked about her intent for the gun, and about some of the different brands/models out there and their pluses and minuses. Went to the range where she tried Glocks, M&Ps, XDs, 1911s, Sigs, and a couple of revolvers. Then took her to a gun show where she was able to handle everything that looked interesting to her.

In the end she picked what she wanted. And it was a pretty good pick...a CZ SP-01 Phantom. I hope she lets me shoot looks to be a great gun.
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