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Originally Posted by protoolsnerd View Post
I'm a big fan of green dots and reticles. For me , they're just easier to see. Would you personally choose a strikefire over a sparc just for that reason? Where does that dif in price come from? Only the reduction in size ? Same moa size dot? approz brightness , quality of lense... Can the strikefire series withstand those torture tests i've seen. ( sumberging etc )

i hope so, now that's a dot on a budget !!
You know, good questions that I don't really have the answers for. I'm not a "red-dot guy" to be honest. Optically, they are pretty much all the same to me. Some are clearer than others but most have a tint to the optics, like smoke, rose, or green. Dots can be orange, yellow-amber, red or green. Tube style or heads up reflex style. By all accounts, the tube style are simple and easy to make from a manufacturer's perspective. It comes down to quality of components and quality control.

As for the green reticle, Trijicon agrees with you and the feedback on the strikefire tells me the red/green model dot actually can be tough to see quickly in a sunny environment, very bright conditions. That's why they made the red-dot only..specially tuned optics for maximum brightness in the day

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