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Very cool . I hadn't heard of the Lucid HD7 .... kind of like what the sparc is to an aimpoint...but to an ACOG. Can't wait for your review.

ElvenSoul....much obliged for the help using the forum's tools...hadn't noticed the big drop down menu above........Don't really appreciate the tone though. I asked this question as a thread in a specific company's forum because i wanted HIS opinion on this optic. Around calguns Scott has a great rep and having awesome prices and being honest.

The positive contributions from Outta_Control, scott and myself by no means warranted your remark . I like to keep my threads positive and helpful. I have checked out the reviews from other people on the sparc, and overall , yes that's what they say. Its not an aimpoint..... But i'm not looking to spend aimpoint money on my first red dot. I'm not a LEO and i'm not going to be using it in a professional setting overseas.

So please, have something worthwhile to say, and if it's a comment or suggestion , why not be more informative then haughty.