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Originally Posted by firemark View Post
Dont bother, I went in for my prescreening interview last month, after spending some time crafting and developing my GC statement with professional help from I thought I had a good solid statement too, but the clerk told me flat out, and I have it on tape, "We cant give you a ccw, if we give you one then every other Firefighter will come in here and want one." That was the reason given why it would fail, not that my reasons for danger to myself or family, but because they dont want the door opened for others to get their ccw's

Then she went on to blather about liability and lack of documented threats, and its unsafe if we gave everyone a ccw. The fact that I regularly testify in court against criminals I encounter as a first responder didnt matter.

and before all you nay sayers start on the band wagon, I already have my Florida and Utah out of state permits, told her that too, still didnt matter. Sheriff Gore has to many liberal and democratic supporters pulling his strings. I recently saw Gore with the SDPD chief and Lori Saldana at a function together shaking hands and being very buddy buddy. There is an anti gun agenda and it is being controlled by elected and appointed peoples. Dont think anything short of a federal court order will change anything in this state.
They want documented threats? Ha... such a joke, I think you have a good enough reason when I line them up to other accepted CCW's in other counties.
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