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LOL. I KNEW this was Lytle Creek as soon as I read it.

Two weeks ago I was venting to Superset about this happened to me at Lytle Creek.

The worker with the missing teeth is HORRIBLE. He got all in my face telling me featureless build was illegal and that I was gonna get "his" range shut down because previously some "god damn Mexicans" brought "full auto ak47's with grenade launchers." He said this to me as a group of Latinos were shooting legally configured Saigas and AK47 type rifles next to me.

This guy was super loud and in my face. I got super loud back, then reported his ignorant *** to the management. They handled it well and told the guy he was wrong. I got my money back and a free trip the next time I visit (yea, right).

If this is the same guy, that really sucks. He doesn't understand any of the laws. He's a real idiot.