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I am not as well versed in the CCW process as I should be, and would like to know what the issue of concern is with Kern County.

Is it the "16 weeks" I mentioned? As I understand it they have 90 days to inform me of approval or denial, or 30 days after the background investigation is sent to DOJ, whichever is later.

If they take 90 days to decide on the good cause, and then send in the DOJ background check, and inform me exactly 30 days after that, haven't they complied with their timeline requirement per PC 12052.5?

If my understanding is lacking, please educate me. If putting the reasons on the thread is not recommended, please PM me some details.

I may have misunderstood the 16 week reference, and if I did, then I assume they will call me in for fingerprinting before they send off the background check.

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