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I'm on a car forum where the for sale forum allows the thread starter to lock the thread after an item has sold. I think this should be adopted on the Calguns site. Now on other forums I have joined, if you are a new member, you cannot post in the for sale sections in the the first 30 days or until you have 30 posts. I personally like the first 30 days because now new members are forced to read the rules and the nonsense and clutter are eliminated. This definitely should be implemented on here because the for sale sections have taken a nose dive since I've joined Calguns.

There is another forum in the Midwest or east coast where other members are not allowed to post in the for sale section. The only posting allowed is by the starter and it looked so much organized than our marketplace. If this can be somehow implemented, then all the noobs joining won't cause all the mess being seen. Then mods can put there attention else where needed.
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