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Originally Posted by Write Winger View Post
What bugs the most about fellow CA gun owners is the level of zeal that they confront you with FUD. I'm about to go to a local range and my stomach gets in knots wondering how much grief I'm going to get firing my featureless AR, dropping 30rd mags. Hell, not just from other gun owners, what if a cop is there who's just as uneducated about the subject?
Thats the funny part...There is almost zero chance of you bumping into an uneducated LEO. If you do, every single member of this form + the NRA + CGF will be backing you up. People will raise HOLY HECK in your name...

yet some guys tells people 30rd magazines are illegal and can't be used in public and those sam,e people ignore it.

Don't worry about LEO...they will probably ask to check out the rig...LOL
Worry about the Nazis who are given a pass to screw with you. Try to ignore them, but if they are in charge...just clean up and walk away. Tell them they are a cancer of FUD in the gun industry. If they ask why, just tell them because you know they are wrong, and they have been told that before.

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