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A few questions

1. Was the person who said you could not use your legally owned magazines a range officer or the owner of the range?
2. Could this person possibly be a new employee? or new to firearms (hopefully not if he's a range master)
3. Could this just be a simple misunderstanding on this person part.
4. What are the odds of a very polite conversation/letter with references to the PC solving the issue at hand?

If this is truely an act of anti-2A behavior then by all means we should do what ever is in our power to correct this. But if this is just indeed the actions of one misinformed person then wouldn't we be over reacting a bit. If we boycott every range/store/vendor/ect for not understanding our already very confusing gun laws we will eventually boycott everyone and everything. Really at this point the tax codes makes more sense than the weapons code in this state, I can see how this person could be confused.

Yes he works at a range and this makes it even more frustrating, but how many gun stores truely know the regulations on the products they are selling? how many have only recently started carrying OLL's and various CA legal products. Being polite and having a civil conversation about the laws here seems to be doing the trick to getting people on our side (except arsenal...****ers always hung on me when I said where I was from).
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