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Default Nice Guy, Great Prices, Good Product

I met up with Serge today, and picked up 2,000 rounds of .40 180gr FMJ.

I headed straight to the range and fired 100 rnds through my G23. I had two out of the 100 FTF (fail to feed), I cleared the weapon put them back in the mag racked the slide and they fed fine the second time around in both cases. They are reloads, so you need to keep that in mind, and 98% performance for the money is good in my book. I wouldn't use them for HD or match, but they're great for practicing at the range.

Hell, I even shot my tightest group today with them, which clearly shows what they're capable of:

He said his family runs a reloading business in the LA area which is where the bullets come from they currently supply 13 ranges. He told me the name, but I can't remember it at the moment.

Thanks a lot Serge!!!
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