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Originally Posted by savasyn View Post
Here's mine in its original configuration on my reg'd lower. I've since purchased a CMMG dedicated 9mm lower and am working out problems with the magazines. The UZI mags I was using in this configuration were flawless.

I'm starting to see a pattern here. lol Nice looking rifle

Originally Posted by bdsmchs View Post
Pointless. Waste of weight. Can sell them for a few bucks for another part.

KNS pins really only benefit two situations:
1.) Saving the holes on FA receivers (And KNS even makes one for the auto-sear)
2.) 9mm's without ramped bolts.
Good point, I think majority of shooters install KNS pins for looks. I'll admit to that.

Originally Posted by Endless View Post
Here is a pic of the new KRISS...I will be buying the KRISS SBR K10 when it becomes available in December.

I saw these that shoots .45acp at Turners. They look and feel very convincing. Aren't they also in Modern Warfare two?

Image is a screen shot from the movie "City of God". One of my favorite movie of all times.
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