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Originally Posted by Ape View Post
Thanks....Nothin too special though. Just an inexpensive Hi Point 995 encased in an ATI stock. The barrel shroud is a piece of metal I got from someone who had it set up to look like a real can on a handgun. I just took it and drilled it out for looks. The muzzle break is a semi custom piece made by a guy who used to make parts for HP's. He's also the one I got the aluminum trigger from.
Other than all of that, it's basically stock. Aside from some minor polishing I did to the inards here and there.

By the way, I don't suppose that sweet Kriss in your avatar is yours?
I still think it looks sharp.

It was one of 3 that I owned. I have sold a couple of them to fund another project plus the new updated KRISS K10 is coming out so I will be getting rid of all the Super Vs.

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