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I'm going to try and make this event to show support and help out any way I can. I won't know until early in the A.M., though.

I'll try even harder if Gene's going to use this opportunity to unveil his high-cap mag work around in front of the press. and shove it in the face of the Anti-gun crowd, so to speak

Just imagine it. After explaining the facts to the reporter, Gene hands another Calguns member a 30 rd mag with a receipt saying, "This is only the beginning, gentlemen" while LAPD officers stand idly by, jaws dropping open. Concurrently, up in Sacramento, a process server has just served the CA DOJ with THE lawsuit which was filed earlier that morning.

In the meantime, we'll have to drop everything else, since we must post bail for Gene. Mustn't we?

Come to think of it, it might be wiser to keep a lower profile on this development, since thing seem to be heating up in DC.
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I am humbled at the efforts of so many Patriots on this and other forums, CGN, CGF, SAF, NRA, CRPF, MDS etc. etc. I am lucky to be living in an era of a new awakening of the American Spirit; One that embraces it's Constitutional History, and it's Founding Fathers vision, especially in an age of such uncertainty that we are now in.
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