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Originally Posted by oaklander View Post
YES - please make sure that anyone who does show up (and it looks like there will be a LOT - since this thread isn't the only place where volunteers are being sought) - looks NICE!!!

We absolutely cannot have anyone showing up looking like it's SHTF day! No camo, no guns on t-shirts, etc. . .

We need to make sure that the crowd looks nice and neatly dressed, and is well behaved...
Well crap.... you had me until there.....

Originally Posted by Alan Gura
The Second Amendment now applies to state and local governments. Our lawsuit is a reminder to state and local bureaucrats that we have a Bill of Rights in this country, not a Bill of Needs
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
12050[CCW] licenses will be shall issue soon.

Originally Posted by Meplat View Post
Ignorance of the law is no excuse……..except for police.
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