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YES - please make sure that anyone who does show up (and it looks like there will be a LOT - since this thread isn't the only place where volunteers are being sought) - looks NICE!!!

We absolutely cannot have anyone showing up looking like it's SHTF day! No camo, no guns on t-shirts, etc. . .

We need to make sure that the crowd looks nice and neatly dressed, and is well behaved, and friendly. Not to say we can't get rambunctious. BUT reporters are more likely to give us a favorable story if they see us for the likable and law abiding diverse community that we are. . .

This means that we smile! And why not? We are winning the gun rights battle, not only here in California, but nationwide.

EDIT: also please note that the first post in this thread says "Gene Hoffman will speak to the press." Gene is very good at expressing things in a way that makes sense to people who need to be educated on the issues. He's actually the best, IMHO. What this means in plain English is that we will let him do the talking to the press. The event will make more sense to the press if there's a single voice.

SO: I'm asking everyone to please just let Gene do what he does best. Here is why:

REPORTER (with leading question): "If you think guns are good, what about assault weapons?"

WELL MEANING GUN OWNER (trying to be funny): "Yes, I think they are great for home defense."

The resulting headline then reads: "Protest Group Advocates for Machine Guns in Every House"

I know it's funny - but it's the kind of stuff that happens at media events. . .

WE KNOW we are law abiding.
WE KNOW we are diverse.
WE KNOW self defense is a right.

BUT - the press doesn't know this - and they WILL seek to spin this in the most interesting way possible. As you know, with a few narrow exceptions, you can't even GET machine guns, AND an "assault weapon" is the same as any other gun, mechanically, and operationally.

The problem with gun rights stuff in the MSM is that press people do not understand that there are already TONS of laws that ensure public safety, and that certain terms actually do not mean anything. It's not possible to educate super quickly on sound-bites - so certain things are better left for longer discussions.


You will note that I had to add about 200 words to this post, just to clarify things. That's because the press is probably reading this thread. Once you go public on stuff - you need to be real careful!!!!

So let's just let Gene handle it.

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Other than get more people to show up, is there anything we Calgunners can do to help?

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