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Originally Posted by savasyn View Post
Out of curiosity, why would you get rid of the KNS pins?
Pointless. Waste of weight. Can sell them for a few bucks for another part.

Aren't they a benefit even with a ramped bolt?
KNS pins really only benefit two situations:
1.) Saving the holes on FA receivers (And KNS even makes one for the auto-sear)
2.) 9mm's without ramped bolts.

What happens in a 9mm without ramped bolt is the point of contact between bolt and hammer during cocking is very low and close to the hammer pin, which exerts a lot more rearward energy before the hammer starts to rotate out of the way and leads to egging out the hammer pin hole. This is what the KNS pins prevent.

Once you've got a ramped bolt, the point of contact is moved up towards the top of the hammer by almost a quarter of an inch, so the hammer wants to naturally move back and rotate out of the way, avoiding the egging problem entirely.

KNS pins in a standard 5.56, or 9mm with ramped bolt really bring no benefit to the table whatsoever (except for people who install their hammer spring backwards). My 9mm is the only gun I have them on, due to the non-ramped bolt. All my other guns have stock springs and pins.

Once you ramp the bolt, there is just no more need for the KNS pins.
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