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Default reloading classes, advanced class

We normally schedule these classes on an "as per" basis and when we think there is enough interest to make the class worthwhile. This has been about every 3 mos. or so. Classes start at 11 AM on the scheduled Saturday and usually run till 2-3 PM....Hope you can attend one.
I have been thinking about an advanced class to take students from the basics of full length sizing and seating according to SAAMI specs to neck and partial sizing, measuring ogive and datum line, ascertaining your particular chamber size and seating bullet to a determined length based on the above particulars of your individual rifle. I think a discussion of concentricity gauges ( to measure bullet run out ) and load development would be included. Any interest out there? 30-338 JS

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Sadly, I just saw this too and would have loved to attend one of these. How late does the class typically run? Depending on location, I might try and make a near future date, I just have some weekend night commitments until hockey season ends.
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