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Originally Posted by T.O.M. View Post
Quick questions. I'm 18, right about to purchase an AR.

Is there any time when you should be declaring you do have a firearm in the vehicle?

Or do you just remain silent on the firearms topic, and if it gets to it, shut the **** up and say you do not consent to a search and would like to remain silent?
just me personally, (not an expert by ANYONE's definition), if i get pulled over while transporting a OLL i am going to be polite, silent, answer his questions to the very MINIMUM, and if he asks if there are weapons, say yes. my undertanding of the rule to transport weapons is that they have to be in a locked container, not ready to fire. aka unload, in a locked container. ( a locked container is not the center console, or the glovebox) hope that helps
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