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Originally Posted by NorCalCCWinstructor View Post
Paul - Glad to help. We are good until renewal. Hopefully they will realize their revenue loss real soon (if it's signed), and change the law before we renew. They still have rough financial times ahead, as with any other state.
Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but from what I'm reading this is not a big deal. All the change says is that if your home state accepts Utah's permit you must first obtain that permit before you can have a UT permit. CA does not recognize any permit but its own, so no big deal here.

(4) (a) In addition to meeting the other qualifications for the issuance of a concealed
75 firearm permit under this section, a nonresident applicant S.[who resides in a state that
75a recognizes the validity of the Utah permit or has reciprocity with Utah's concealed firearm
75b permit law
76 (i) hold a current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit issued by the
77 appropriate permitting authority of the nonresident applicant's state of residency ÖÖÖººº [that recognizes
78 the validity of the Utah permit in that state or has reciprocity with Utah's concealed firearm
79 permit law] »»»ÖÖÖ
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Originally Posted by 7x57 View Post
Sacramento would declare martial law sooner than they'd meet with Gandhi, Gautama Budda, and Jesus Christ if the three were packing heat.
Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Even people not from San Francisco can appreciate a good public spanking like this.
WANTED: G19. New or near new condition in Sacramento area.
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