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The NorCal Skeet Clinics

NorCal Skeet Clinics will return Feb 2017.....It was a pleasure teaching all who came in 2016. Take care and break them clay at a time

Skeet Clinics will be held at Metcalf Sports Park , San Jose... Its time to dust some clays

Metcalf Shooting range located at 9580 Malech Rd San Jose, CA 95138 (408) 463-0652 (Bailey Road Exit off of 101) .

PM or post to reserve spots.


Learn -----Range and firearm safety, what is shotgun fit, how to mount and shoulder a shotgun, stance, leads, swing, trigger pull, follow through and lots more. Spot and fix bad shooting habits. Learn about gauges, shot size, patterns, shot shells and anything else you care to ask.

NORCAL SKEET CLINIC IN SAN JOSE @ Metcalf **** Four hours of instruction, Clinics will start at 11:30am and end at 3:30pm

Cost: $40.00 per shooter. Students will need to have two boxes of target shells (50) loaded with #7 1/2 ,8, or #9 shot and purchase two round of Clays (50) at the range, cost for clays $18.00...If you need shells, The range sells shells for $7.25 per no need to go shopping for shells if you don't already have them.....Sorry, no Reloaded Ammunition may be used during the Clinic.

Open to all shooters regardless of skill level. Post or PM thefeeder to sign -up

Come Learn How to Shoot Clays. Novice shooters are especially welcome. Hone your Wing Shooting Skills and Bust Some Clays

Pump Action shooter are encouraged to come....Its a great way to train

Needed Equipment------ A shotgun 12ga, 20ga , 28 or 410ga ***** Metcalf will allow any shotgun which is shot from the shoulder. ***** I recommend field stocks, long barrels with a bead front sight, open choke ( Skeet , Cylinder) for best results
....I have tubes for Moss, Rem, Weatherby, Stoeger (I think) and Browning INV+ 12ga and Browning INV and INV+ 20ga to lend

A hat, water,Lunch (no food is available or served at the range), snacks...Dress for warm weather and wear sport/ walking shoes

If you have shell pouch, shooting vest, extra choke tubes, ect...bring them

Note: Thanks to Jordon down south for the insight ....South Cal Skeet Clinic[/U][/I]

Past Clinics

June 4th
1) Fargin
2) Big Al
3) Mike
4) Mike +1
5) Mike +2
6) Mike +3

April 23rd
2) Itry2hide
3) Gabeb500
4) fffblackmage

March 26th 2016
1) Captaincaveman
2) TheMarco
4) CaptainCaveman +1
5) Gapep500
6) Greasy357

Oct 18th s
1) Mr.Barnes
2) Mr.Barnes +1
3) SashaAlexander
4) Captncaveman
5) Captncaveman +1

Sept 13th

1) Bigred76
2) Bigred 76 +1
3) Newbie556
4) Newbie556 +1
5) Newbie556 +2
6) SashaAlexander

Aug 29 th sign ups
1) CaptnCaveman
2) CaptnCaveman + 1
3) Sasha

Aug 23rd Sign ups
1) Yakker1982
2) CaptnCaveman
3) Pistolmania
4) Rocurtis

Aug 1st
) Rumdog
2) ca95628
3) mostlymoto
5) IXMM +1
6) Raj[/B]

May 16th
1) Banjogunner
2) Kengotit
3) fffblackmage
4) fffblackmage +1
5) BobDake

April 25th Sign-Ups
1) Getssum96
2) Getssum96 +1
3) aBrowningfan
4) oski bear

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