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Originally Posted by Adehtla View Post
This is what I was interested in. My sister lives in Las Vegas and I was trying to figure out if I could buy something and leave it there in a safety deposit box or a safe in her house. When the details come, let me know.
Unless you have the large budget and organizational skill required to form and maintain a corporation in Nevada and buy your NFA items through it, the easiest way to do it is to establish Nevada residency for the period required to do so at your sister's house. Get a Nevada DL, set up a Nevada bank account, get mail at your sister's house, get Nevada cellphone service so you have a telephone number for your NFA form, etc. to prove that you reside there. File your NFA paperwork, pay your tax out of a Nevada bank account or with a USPS MO from a Nevada post office, and you are done. You must then transport or store any weapons acquired in accordance with NFA standards.

That is the easy way, trying to find some "legal loophole" way to be a resident of CA and own NFA items in Nevada is not worth the time and effort. As there really isn't an easy way around both Federal and CA law as the ATF won't approve your application if it violates the laws of the state you legally reside in.

After you establish residency, there is no law preventing you from commuting out of state to work and stay, or to own property, etc. in other states. There are tons of people that do that now. As oppresive as CA law is, we still have freedom of movement. For now...
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