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Originally Posted by GillaFunk View Post
The owner is just really 'intense'. He doesnt provide for a very comfortable recreational environment when he is around. I've seen him YELL at people quite a few times. Sometimes they deserved it, but generally I think he goes overboard. It was pretty intimidating when I went there first few times.

His staff, however, is quite reasonable.
I agree with the "intense" aspect, but I'm not sure which one is the owner. There is a young guy out there who likes to yell, too. I was posting a target on the 100 yard line once on their rather rickety stands which are usually overly packed with old targets, and he starts yelling something to someone. None of us could hear him or had any idea who he was directing it to. When I get back he says, "hey, why do you want to mess up my targets". I said, "WHAT"? He says something about sticking a target to close to the crosspost, and I tell him that the crosspost was falling off and I was trying to fix the GD thing. He says, "oh", and walks off. Kind of a jackass. But I DO agree and understand that they have a difficult time keeping the place open, and one of the reasons I was told they can't fix anything up is because the county demands permits for ANYTHING and they will not issue any, so when it finally falls apart the county will condemn it and shut them down. So he does what he can to keep it open and in the face of the Marin gun-haters. In that regard, I'll put up with a bit of jackassiness!
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