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OK, so, with only a month away, its time to start getting the list together for our potluck.

Remember, this is a potluck event so please understand that when bringing your item, keep in mind everyone will be sharing and the amount of food should at least be the amount to cover at least your party if not more.

What we need most will be entrees and sides. I know a lot of us are prone to pick up a bag of chips or box of cookies on our way to the shoot and while your intentions are appreciated, we tend to always end up with bags and bags of chips and tons of cookies at the end of it all. These snack and dessert items are still welcome as your contribution, but should be limited. Utensils are also of dire importance. We ended up with plenty of food but no plates, or utensils at our Burro Canyon night shoot.

Also, if you are contributing hot dogs or burgers, thats awesome. Its a good way to feed a lot of people for a low cost but please, remember, when contributing food think of it as if what your bringing is the only food there will be. What I mean is that when you bring items such as burgers and/or hot dogs, please, make sure to bring the condiments and bread along with it. Again, we have had situations in the past where calgunners with good intentions forget that stuff and we have packages of hot dogs left over because there were no buns or condiments to use.

With this being said, lets start getting this together. I myself will be contributing Burgers along with buns and condiments to feed at least 10 people. Please start submitting your item in this tread or PM me. I will start putting the list in order and post on the thread as soon as I start getting everyones items in. Lets try and have different foods everyone (we always do a good job of that anyway). If in a week or so I see we still are in need of items (like utensils) I will add a post asking for someone to bring those along. Thanks again everyone and lets kick of this year with an AWESOME Shoot & Q!

Please reply in this thread and look for updates here as well. Thank you.
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