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It is a LOT better than it used to be.

1) a few years ago - you could not even GET EBR's in this state.

2) a few years ago - there were NO shall issue CCWs in CA (there are now in some counties, with more on the way).

Those are just examples. . .

This stuff is the result of work that people on this forum (and certain others) have done. Stick around and get involved. It's a major movement now - with thousands of people working in every county of the state to change these stupid laws - AND WE ARE WINNING.

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It fing turns my gut, that their has to be 8 pages of discussion, on a rifle to figure out whats legal and whats not. For godsake, I hate this state. Everyone is asking about "evil features" and flash suppresor, mag buttons, their are states you can own full auto, and have them SUPPRESSED! We dont have the faintest idea of what it means to be free anymore.