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Originally Posted by paul0660 View Post
So, what Wildhawker linked to says that Tehama requires that handguns be checked for serial number and "safety features" before being listed on or added to a permit. Maybe they do refer to the list, maybe not.
First, the policy DOES NOT reference the Roster. It's not reasonable for the policy to be whatever the licensing authority wants it to be that day, and for them to say that they meant the Roster is improper. If that's what they mean, then they should say (in their policy) what they mean.

Second, the policy fails to articulate a definition of "safety features", nor is there a definition (or requirement) in the Penal Code. It's entirely arbitrary.

More, if they require a Rostered firearm, but an applicant does not own one, it would be a "requirement, charge, assessment, fee, or condition that
requires the payment of any additional funds by the applicant", expressly prohibited by PC 12054(d).

Lastly, the policy also mentions checking for "verification of serial numbers"; this is likely allowable, since they would presumably check the firearm and application against the other to ensure that the firearm(s) they are entering into AFS is, indeed, the firearm(s) the applicant intends to carry. However, that's where their authority ends, as the state has pre-empted the field of firearm registration and the local authority cannot assert a registration requirement (nor would they have a rational basis, as CCW weapons entered into AFS effectively become "registered" to the CCW holder).
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