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Originally Posted by ENTHUSIAST View Post

I was detained by BP for 3+ hours and NO I would NOT care to elaborate... other than you have no rights when the cameras and voice recorders are off and LEOs have you cuffed and they want to search your property even if they have NO Probable Cause they dont give a **** about your rights and they will trample them... just make sure that it isnt any easier for them. It also makes them look like ******** when they destroy your property w/ no PC only to have to let you go with an apology.
Well if you were detained by BP (assuming at or near a border checkpoint or crossing) the you must realize that no, you actually do not have any 4th Amendment rights, and PC or even the lesser "reasonable suspicion" standard do not apply.

At border checkpoints (crossings, airports, etc), your 4th Amendment rights do not exist. BP can detain you, search your car, trunk, etc.., without a warrant, PC, or even a reasonable suspicion.