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Default Why 21

I spent quite a bit of time reviewing just what I should say to this question, it is a good one.

We have adopted a policy that we say is driven by our insurance policy and by the DOJ policies. We can not sell a pistol to someone under 21, but they can own one. The fact that the Califonia law in of it's self is at opposites should supprise no regular reader of Calguns. The fact that we as a FFL holder and Shooting Range get "mis" information and mis-direction from various agencies should be considered standard FUD.

What we have chosen to do is adopt a position that puts my business in the least amount of risk. I/we have established policies that restrict renting to individuals. We are not the only range in this State that does that and I can only hope that before I finally get fed up with running this business and quit, we can toss all of the problems out of office.

In the mean time understand what we as a business go through to stay in business. Every week we have to have a customer leave the range due to issues. They always end up on Yelp or Goggle saying what bastards we are for not letting them point loaded guns at people and how they were not doing anything wrong. Of course the video I have says otherwise, but this is American and the first one to post their noise wins, as no one ever asks what really happens.

Stop by sometime when I am there and I will make sure you get to rent a firearm as an UNDER 21 year old. I do make exceptions as I own the rules -- bring someone with you as buddy competitions are always the best way to win a beer afterwards.


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