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Originally Posted by dartbrandx View Post
I feel like I just threw my application money away here too. I went in for my interview the beginning of feb. I just got a call from lieutenant Mittensander asking me why I didn't disclose the fact that I was arrested for something I did when I was 17. The bad part was, I was not arrested, I was questioned at my school and after that, I went back to class. I was never handcuffed or brought anywhere. (just sat in the principals office). I don't want to go into detail here. I made a small mistake and was caught for it. (stole a walkman from a store I worked at) The detectives that questioned me at school made me produce it and I did. I went back to class and they left. I was cited (I think, I truly can't remember what happened)for it a few months later at a meeting at the probation dept. I think it was the probation dept...I can't remember and there was never any probation from it or anything. I made a mistake and that was that. That happened 24 years ago. I have had no contact with LE since then. Not even a speeding ticket. This was brought up in the interview with the retired sheriff. He seemed satisfied with my explanation. I got fingerprinted, signed the ccw and paid the fees. However during the phone call with lieutenant Mittensander I got the impression that he did not believe what I was saying or atleast didn't like my response to it. He stated that the application asked if I was EVER arrested and why I answered no. I explained to him exactly what happened that day. I don't think he believed me. At the end of the conversation, he said thank you, I will send my recommendation to the captain and that was that.

This was yesterday afternoon. I've been consumed by this phone call. I'm thinking of calling him back and talking with him some more and trying to lobby my case. I just didn't get a good feeling.

I just don't know what to do.
A few things: A) I would ask for the source of the data they're talking about, so you can verify through court records if you were convicted of anything. Once you find out that detail, if you were just arrested and not convicted of anything/pled guilty, they just committed a crime.

Why? Look up Business and Professions Code 461:

No public agency, state or local, shall, on an initial
application form for any license, certificate or registration, ask
for or require the applicant to reveal a record of arrest that did
not result in a conviction or a plea of nolo contendere. A violation
of this section is a misdemeanor.
This section shall apply in the case of any license, certificate
or registration provided for by any law of this state or local
government, including, but not limited to, this code, the
Corporations Code, the Education Code, and the Insurance Code.

Just sayin, folks. Sometimes the stuff that helps you isn't in the penal code.....

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