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Smile FREE BULLETS at Next Reloading class March 5 11AM

Our next reloading class is taking reservations. It will take place at J&R guns in Livermore on Sat. March 5 starting at 11AM. Class is taught by John Steiger who will take you step by step through the reloading process. Each attendee will perform all operations and learn to inspect brass, set up the sizing die, full length size a bottleneck rifle case, trim, chamfer, prime, charge and set bullet. We will bring up such subjects as bullet selection and load development as time permits. Beginners or those with some knowledge are welcome.
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John Begakis, nationally ranked, master class revolver competition shooter will then demonstrate the Dillon progressive machines. One of his sponsors has generously agreed to donate several hundred bullets to each attendee who pre-pays before choice of standard pistol caliber...NOTE these are high quality bullets by an up and coming new manufacturer....don't miss this great deal. Sign up and pay at store or leave a message for us here with any questions. This class will get you started and give you access to a lot of knowledge...hope to see you there! John S aka 30-338
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