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Originally Posted by JagerTroop View Post
Are these direct quotes from Moore? Seems like he didn't have a "script" as #1 was stated a different way, but said the same thing. #2 was not asked of me, nor was it even mentioned. #3 was not mentioned in any way. #4 was not mentioned either. He simply said he'll make a decision, and get back to me. He DID ask if I've ever been a victim of robbery/attempted robbery regarding a portion of my GC ( I haven't), but I didn't let it faze me, so he quickly moved on. He and I both know that just because it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it can't or won't.

It seems that the interviews weren't "cookie cutter", and I would expect a mixed bag of responses. I just hope there are more Yays than Nays.

I had my inerview yesterday. I had the same questions. He did stress the question "Have you ever been a victim".
I have never had a house fire but I still carry fire insurance and two Fire Extinguisher in the house.

I felt good but not as good as I wanted to feel leaving the interview.
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