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Too long did not read.

Although, what little I skimmed looked good as a jumping off point for a beginner... (if they have the patience to read a dissertation on purchasing a handgun.)

RollingCode3: They're legal, however they're not rostered (and will NOT be rostered). You may own them, but you gotta hit one of the exemption routes.

With that said: there should be no "end all be all post" (and I know this isn't one) on a forum. Some topics SHOULD come up often or at least periodically. Times change, rules change, guns change, and opinions change. If people feel like debating "what's the best X for purposes of Y?" yet again, go for it. Or "who's got singleshot exemptions on gun Z at a reasonable price in my area?"

The exception to this is if there's already a retardedly easy to access FAQ that covers the subject (like the specific legalities of a purchase, or what's on the roster), then yes, that question need not be asked and the person's a jerk for not even trying to google it.
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