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Default What is a need?

Originally Posted by JagerTroop View Post
Ok, here's what happened.

The jist of the interview was him asking me why I, more than the average citizen, needs to carry.
Why do I need to carry more than others? Need being a keyword?

Do working citizens need to change jobs to a job that necessitates a ccw!? b.s!

I open carry my firearm. It is valuable.
All firearms are valuable. I carry a valuable item. Some people cannot obtain the item legally, rare for some to lawfully possess.

I open carry to protect myself. In my room(loaded) at 3am while my mom sleeps. In the back yard and front yard playing with my cats or cutting the grass.

I really wanna open carry at walmart.(Please PM me if there is anything wrong with open carrying in walmart which is open to the public)
I haven't built up the confidence yet so I can also protect my mom when shopping with her, thats the reason I got my first firearm anyway. I weigh 150lbs of nothing. I can't just shout this is sparta and go super saiyan on somebody home invading.

I need to switch to target tho =). I haven't seen anything happen that has made me fearful of my mom's life or mine in the walmart parking lots or inside the store, But I would have to say that is where I stereotype/assume something would happen to my mom.

Moving along.

I think my logic is flawed. Need..necessity.

Do I need to open carry.
But telling somebody to stop open carrying is like telling somebody to stop working with valuables or large sums of money, or stop working with...I don't know the words...high profile items etc.

It seems more of why does my current lifestyle necessitate a ccw...using that logic I can't see how I'm above average.
I don't have any special licenses, or purposes. = \

But my current lifestyle is open carrying.
Wearing my firearm? Synonymous with jewelry?

Have jewelers been granted ccw's but not people that wear the high dollar jewelry?

Did Sheriff Moore share with you any other reasons he has issued ccw's for? Specific details at all? Work fields? Licenses? anything?
Any kind of NDA or anything of that nature that prevents you from sharing exact questions? Just respect and courtesy?

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