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Originally Posted by ontargetrange View Post
I know this page is far into the interior of the blog, but this is a load of #@*& for ONLY one Vendor supporter so far.

Anyone reading this please talk with your regular store or range in OC and ask why they have not stepped up to the plate on this subject.

All of you CCW holders ask your past/current/future instructors why they are not listed?? I guess they really only care about this when you are standing front of them with dollar bills and they are the only ones that can sign you off.
Hi Gregg,

I might be late to the party, but rest assured I will remember which businesses supported the effort and will conduct my next purchases accordingly. To my utter surprise I just found out that OnTarget is the only vendor sponsor in Orange County (and has been for quite a while, what are the others doing???). I guess that means an easy decision for me where to take my business to.
PS: Please let your staff know that they do an awesome job, always polite, knowledgeable, helpful and no FUD.

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