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Originally Posted by choprzrul View Post
In reading about the California Public Records Act here, it would seem that they must immediately provide access to CCW records if I appear at their office in person during normal business hours. I could then manually parse the records for those which have a good cause statement that closely mirrors my own statement. At that point, I could make a note of the person's name on the applications and submit a request for a hard copy. I fully realize that they don't have to provide times and addresses of vulnerability per 6254:

Where am I off base in the process? I would like to know how many CCW permits are being reported by SLO county to CA DOJ and cross reference that number to what I am given access to by their staff.

If I could get 5 or 6 other CalGun'rs from the area to go with me, I would think that we could parse the records in a very short time. We would come away with a list of names that we want hard copies of good cause statements.
You should bring a camera (preferably digital) along with you and take photos of all applications. If the clerk objects to the photographing of applicants' addresses, cover them up with a post-it. Many digital cameras come with a special setting for photographing documents.