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Default my Sacramento County CCW process

I turned in my application on Dec 1 2010. I showed up 2 hours early but they took me right in. I then scheduled my 16hr class
for Dec 18 and 19. I received my first Sac county approval letter when i got home from the 1st day of class Dec 18. then on Dec 20 I went in for my Livescan. The Feds replied on Dec 24 but the state didnt reply until Jan 11. I received the second Sac county approval letter Jan 20. I scheduled my final appointment for the next available date of Feb 1. Again, I showed up early and they took me right in. I paid my $80 and put my thumb print on the permit and left. Then much to my surprised i got certified mail 4 days later Feb 5 with my long awaited permit. WOOHOO! (67 days from app drop off to permit in hand)
But one of the weapons has a typo on the serial #. Amber Wong with Sac county Sheriff said sorry but......If i want it fixed i need to schedule an appointment and pay a $10 correction fee. Even though it was not my fault. She also said that it doesnt matter and wont be a problem.....but that a topic for a different thread.

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