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In the Sacramento CCW thread, someone posted a fairly anti-CCW story by KCRA with the vid at I'm posting here because I thought the information about going to the Lodi PD for a CCW sounds terrible based on viewer comment #7:

dogs4you [Profile]
Feb. 7, 2011 7:21pm PST
It is up to the Chief of Police in Lodi who will get a CCW. There are many hoops that have to be jumped through in order to get a permit. First a back ground check, take a test, prove you can fire the weapon, you have to see a doctor to make sure your not a Bernard Goetz, pay a $500.00 fee and the approval of the Chief of Police. Easyer said than done. I am all for it and it might make a gangster think twice who he is going to rob or carjack.
While the Sheriff is obviously the man to see, someone needs to inform that chief he's violating the PC with the fee and his requirements. Maybe he needs a psych exam!
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