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I am restating Brandon's statement (from another thread) for the good of all here. He posted this back on December 11th, 2010 regarding good cause statements:

Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
[San Diego] County just this week confirmed that they will be producing the records. It may be some time before we have those in front of us (SD Sheriff's Office estimates ~31 hours of manpower to produce/redact, and as such are not making it a priority).

We'll call that "phase 2".
At some point in CGF's strategy, the CCW license policy and procedures of the San Diego Sheriff will need to be modified. I am sure CGF is aware of this and we should not bother them with small questions.

I see the following problems with the SD Sheriff's CCW policies and procedures:
  1. Required (3) Character reference letters are illegal.
  2. They will not accept a CCW application unless the applicant has taken the eight hour CCW safety class first. I see this as a back door method to front loading costs to the applicant.
  3. All documents related to the interview must be dated within (30) days or the "outdated" document will be held invalid. This is true of the CCW eight-hour safety training certificate. That is a very narrow window and if an individual chooses to apply they must plan accordingly.

Not a complaint, but just a statement... The eight hour CCW training class must be taken from an approved list of (10) CCW safety trainers. The training can be as much as $160 or as low as $80.

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