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OK, this is the way I think about transporting guns.

This is the general rule:

1) Everything needs to be unloaded

2) Everything needs to be in a locked "container." An SUV is not a locked container, but a car trunk is.

3) If you don't drive though any GFSZ, then the rifles don't have to be in a locked container. But the pistols still do, no matter what.

It's safer to start with the assumption that everything must be unloaded and in a locked container, then adjust as needed.

Originally Posted by 949S_GP100 View Post
This is probably a newb question...But if I am transporting several long guns and 2-3 hand guns all (unloaded of course) in a large SUV. Do all of these firearms need to be in a locker? I have been had these laying in the back under towel (literally). Please clarify if the lock box is to protect property or to be legally compliant. Thanks in advance
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