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Originally Posted by Jubz View Post
I'm a civilian.
It's not a matter of what good cause statement I used since it wasn't 'boiler-plate,' rather my GC was specific for me and my justifications for a CCW.

I imagine if you web search deep enough, you might be able to find good cause statements of others that were accepted/approved for a CCW, but then again, those statements were specific for the individuals applying.
If you don't mind me asking, what was the 'theme' of your good cause. Just wondering what OCSD might be looking for.

For me personally, I'm 27, with a wife and 2 kids, who I would like to protect. I am also a photographer, and regularly carry around $4k+ worth of equipment in a relatively small, easy to carry bag.

I'm assuming that OCSD doesn't accept self defense alone yet, but would something like carrying $4k+ of equipment on a regular basis be enough? And if it were, would it only be for while I'd be working, or could it be at all times?
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