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Originally Posted by Aftermath686 View Post
I attached a Malice Clip on the cummerbund right where I wanted the light holster. I then attached the holster with four zip-ties to the Malice Clip. Its cave man simple and more than strong enough. Just make sure to use some quality zip-ties. If you stack the zip-ties the right way and pull them tight enough the v70 won't budge.

CSM makes an adapter and they sell it with the V70 ready to go. I personally was not a fan, as it takes up a bit too much real-estate for my taste. Check it out below:
Thanks I really appreciate that. I saw that set up on one of Haley's rigs but knew I would never get an answer. I ordered some Malice Clips and will rig it when they come in. I love that v70 and couldnt find anything that I liked as much. My v70 is 14 years old.
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